Updating cakephp

In the next step, you’ll generate the model, view, and controller files that will make up the user interface for interacting with the articles.

In this section, you’ll create a ready-to-use article interface by running the Cake PHP command, which generates the article model.

You’re now ready to configure your My SQL database for production use.

Now, you’ll create a My SQL database to store information about your blog’s articles.

To create a basic database app is a seamless process, which makes Cake PHP useful for prototyping.

However, you can use Cake PHP to create fully developed web applications for deployment as well.

Cake PHP is a popular and feature-rich PHP web framework.

It solves many of the common problems in web development, such as interacting with a database, shielding against SQL injections, and generating view code.

In the next step, you will set up the Cake PHP app itself.

Start off by opening the Apache global configuration file (.

These files govern how Apache processes web requests. You’ll notice that there is a block indicating that your application can’t connect to the database. Refresh the app in your browser and observe the success message under the Database section.

As such, it provides a solid starting point for further development.

You can try adding a new article by clicking the New Article link in the sidebar.

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