Updating customer records

Additionally, see the following topics in the JD Edwards Enterprise One Applications Mobile Enterprise Applications Implementation Guide: Before you can bill a customer for goods or services, you must enter a customer master record.

Each customer master record is uniquely identified in the system by a number called the address book number.

Note: The system uses default category code values for the customer record only when you add a new address book record.

The system does not update existing customer records with changes to category code values.

Specify whether the system writes a before image for a change transaction.

A before image is the record written before the system makes the change.

The aim of Apptivo CRM is to reduce the manual work while creating, updating or deleting records.

Consider a situation where you want to import the records into Contacts App.

Contact your system administrator to determine whether these applications are available for use.

Specify the transaction type that the system uses when you activate the interoperability feature.

If you leave this processing option blank, the system does not perform outbound interoperability processing.

When adding lookup fields to your Formyoula forms you can use the record that was retrieved using the lookup search to update the entry in Salesforce. We will use an Opportunity lookup that will be used to update an existing opportunity in Salesforce.

Whenever the lookup field will be filled in on your form the mapping fields on the connection will be used to update the existing record in Salesforce.

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When you enter a customer master record, you specify these types of information: On the Customer Master Revision form, complete the steps to enter a standard customer record and then click OK.

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