Updating powerdesigner model of different versions

There is only one part of the repository that is actually semi-useful, which is the indication whether your model is out of date versus the repository version.As this functionality does not cooperate with replication or extensions that use that, there is little point in it once you evolve beyond the basics.

The definitions should be controlled by the data architect(s).Many people consider Power Designer to be the de facto standard datamodelling tool. However, if you avoid some practices and adopt others, using Power Designer is a breeze. Do Not: Use the repository The repository is a major cause of bugs. As many users can testify, the version 16 release has been quite buggy in the beginning, only stabilizing a bit more with 16.5. The repository is still buggy, projects are a recipe for pain, and let’s not start a discussion on license prices – we’d still be here next year.Only consider this if you have an agreed-upon folder structure and even then I recommend you don’t do this.Create Projects Sure, they’re good for having a dependency graph view. And projects are buggy, especially when interacting with the repository.

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Designer 6 you can also group objects into container elements within workareas.

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