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IO and then using that to populate information on qualified players.

To qualify for inclusion in a snapshot, players must meet this criteria: Our intent with this Add On is to provide an easy way for people to get some information at a glance when forming groups.

By default when you are in the Dungeon Finder it will show your own profile.

However, you can press a modifier key (Shift/Alt/Ctrl/Cmd) to show the target character's full profile instead.

Mythic tooltips have a lot of parts to them: Role icons included on Mythic tooltips can be thought of as badges earned by accumulating certain amounts of score while playing as that role.

Fully opaque icons indicate they've earned at least 80% of their overall score in that role.

There is no substitute for talking with your fellow players, so be a pal and listen if an applicant whispers you.

While it might be "first world problems", manually updating each component feels like something that ought to be avoided. If you could figure out some way to update the TOCs at once, that'd save trouble in the future.

Can be nil if realm is part of unit Or Name Or Name Realm, or if it's the same realm as the currently logged in character faction Or Nil = 1 for Alliance, 2 for Horde, or nil for automatic (looks up both factions, first found is used) A function that returns a table with different data types, based on the type of query specified. Get Player Profile(0, "Joe-Argent Dawn") Raider IO. But I can't get a higher score without being in groups that don't suck and can time it.

Use the explanations above to build the query you need. Get Player Profile(unit Or Name Or Name Realm, realm Or Nil, faction Or Nil, ...) = nil | profile, has Data, is Cached, has Data From Multiple Providers Raider IO. Get Player Profile(0, "Joe", "Argent Dawn") ``` Use this to draw on a specific Game Tooltip widget the same way Raider. ``` Show Tooltip(Game Tooltip, output Flag, ...) = true | false Use the same API as used in Get Player Profile, with the exception of the first two arguments: Game Tooltip = the tooltip widget you wish to work with output Flag = a number generated by one of the functions in Tooltip Profile Output, or a you create using Profile Output as described above. I'm consistently top DPS and lowest deaths in my groups.

m over geared or rarely fail on encounters ,groups won't invite me since i don't have score yet, In reply to hungarianraven3: Agreed, though I'd argue it's more about people than an add-on.

Add-on is a great idea and a very good work, people relying only on it not that much. :p ) Would there happen to be a way to make the tooltip window smaller?

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