Validating point of cause

The following information must be determined and documented: Next, the team may want to collect data or other additional information.It may also be necessary to initiate interim containment or corrective actions.Some examples of where RCA is being used include, but are not limited to: The point is that RCA can be applied to almost any type of problem that companies face every day.Another example where RCA could be used is for a company that is experiencing a high level of incorrect customer orders and shipments.

Correctly performed, a Root Cause Analysis can identify breakdowns in your processes or systems that contributed to the non-conformance and determine how to prevent it from happening again.

Even with the best quality systems, training and Statistical Process Control (SPC), problems can happen. The problems you thought were resolved only to reoccur.

Repeat problems can be experienced in everyday life.

If you have an ongoing data quality management and reporting process in place this should just be another data quality rule that is routinely monitored.

Eventually all manufacturing processes will experience problems with non-conforming parts, equipment failure resulting in lost productivity or rework expenses and possible increased scrap.

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is usually a step in a larger problem solving exercise.

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