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Chatbots can do a lot, it’s true, but their capabilities are eclipsed by their shortcomings in creating a wholesome, human support experience.“We've learned where chatbot limitations are and how important having that human element is.The power of chatbots in customer service stems from human smarts and machine intelligence working together, said Digital Genius’s Mikhail Naumov.“Trusting just a bot or just a human to do it is no longer the best way.” The “best way” is to combine the two and let the machine do what the machine does best, paving the way for humans to do the same.

Here’s how you can you best handle bot-to-human support: It’s easier for human agents to step in during working hours, though the process can get manual.

In early 2016, for example, concierge bot Go Butler was marketed as an AI service that could work for you 24/7 by booking flights, ordering meals, and, in one case, procuring an antique human skull.

Unfortunately, the “bot” was just a poor rep on the other end of a computer screen performing menial tasks.

Bots can help your brand scale 1:1 communication, but agents can help humanize your brand and leave customers with a memorable, personalized experience.

When it’s time to answer the call, humans must be available on all fronts, be it social or mobile.

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Rather, they were built to serve as intermediaries, meant to keep customer support accessible after business hours and to free up human agents to handle tricky requests.

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