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Image © Emma Nathan Find out when the next tickets for this experience are released and book here. Despite a lack of props and stage settings, Forristal bounces, jumps and moves around the stage as if it were a gymnasium.

CW: Eating Disorders “All Oddball has to do is behave like a normal person on a date. Though the script can tend to lag at times, Forristal’s kooky and charming performance keeps us engaged and zoned in on her from start to finish.

However, it’s projects such as ‘Willow’ that have allowed me to grow as an actor since it’s a story I believe I can tell because of its honest and direct insight Into a relationship involving two women.

We caught up with Sophia this week to find out more.

As well as this I think this relationship has made up a big part of this character’s life and we see Lottie come a long way, even if it isn’t entirely from her view point.

But it has been enjoyable to communicate this moment in time in Lottie’s life to audiences. SO: For me, it has to be portraying Lottie’s Dad in the multi-rolling scene, for this character I’ve been watching a lot of Stephen Fry and Richard Hammond to be able to have down ‘dadish’ mannerisms! SO: Vital, frank, passionate, identifiable, funny and sadly-beautiful.

Chock-full of pop culture references and dating scenarios we’ve all suffered through; it relishes in self-deprecation and exaggerated characterizations.

She allows us to better understand mental illness and have a giggle at the same time, in a totally frank and no-holds-barred autobiography.

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At times the experience did feel a little like a mash of too many things: escape room AND immersive theatre AND dining experience all in one.

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