When dating but not divorced why

I think it would be very difficult to go back to being platonic friends with her boyfriend, so my advice would be to take things very slowly, continue to enjoy the relationship, but stay out of his divorce.

Let him vent and listen to him, be there for him, but don’t get emotionally involved or give advice. Lastly, I think her boyfriend has been mourning the end of his marriage for 2 years, and I think their relationship isn’t hurting anyone.

My specific advice for my two readers (above) is: 1.

Every person and every divorce and every relationship is different.

No one should judge or tell anyone what to do, because they don’t know the whole story. Jackie Pilossoph is the creator and Editor-In-Chief of Divorced Girl Smiling.

The problem is this; I met someone online and we really connected.

A quick background: I met him about a year ago through work.

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