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She tears toward emotional beats, designing her own architecture of impatience: climbing out of a car before it comes to a full stop ( very, very blonde, in a platinum Barbie wig that conceals her asymmetrical crop. She’s like, ‘Dude, just say it faster.’”—you find something in a moment.” Stewart, says Banks, “lands as many jokes in this movie as any comic actor.” Banks approached writing for Stewart as if it were fan fiction. Thanks to a generation of “Twi-hards” who came of age on social media during those five films, who made sport of obsessing over her concurrent relationship with costar Robert Pattinson, Stewart’s private life developed into a tabloid spectacle. In 2017 Stewart hosted and in her opening monologue, while recounting the 11 separate times Donald Trump tweeted about her—all related to her breakup with Pattinson—she goes, “And Donald, if you didn’t like me then, you’re probably not going to like me now, ’cause I’m hosting shoot with her—is futile.

Telling the story of a systems-engineer whistle-blower who goes underground and is protected by the Angels, the action comedy is directed by Elizabeth Banks (who also plays Bosley) and costars Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. “What do I want to see Kristen Stewart do in a movie? She’s understated and (horse-racing in Istanbul, gunplay, Krav Maga) intercept the comedy. Stewart remains smart (and funny) about protecting her privacy. She answers, “I only date people who complement me.”The impact of that confining period in her life is still receding. My baggage was so minuscule in comparison to what [Reichardt’s and Assayas’s] story lines are, as filmmakers.

“Even though she went through circumstantially, really horrific, tragic things, there was something about [Seberg] that was energetically undeniable,” says Stewart. It’s not like you need to hero-worship a celebrity, they are just people you want to look at.

The fact that people stared at her and fixated on things that were not real, projections: That really ultimately destroyed her.”Stewart moves like a writer’s actor, speaking in gestural Morse.

The of movies—freed of glitz—runs deep with her.“I hung out with my parents on set when I was little and asked [them] if I could start auditioning for shit because I saw other kids on set. I feel like I started reading her stuff, and she was articulating things that I’m like, ‘Dude, I didn’t have the words for that, but thank you.’”She wrote Yuknavitch an email.

Their connection was fast—they both paint it as fated, like some shared undercurrent. She’s read it out loud to Yuknavitch and her husband, who both then cried and held each other while Stewart threw her tattered copy of the book across the room.

I’m more comfortable in the idea of making something from top to bottom, rather than giving myself to [it].

“If I’m in a weird, small town, making a movie, and I’m in a strange apartment, I will literally be like, ‘No, please, I cannot deal. Stewart is not afraid to crash or explode, as Yuknavitch puts it.

Anyone else, but it cannot be me.’ Who knows what ghosts are, but there is an energy that I’m really sensitive to. People stain rooms all the time.”Driving her car—a black Porsche Cayenne—Stewart navigates narrow roads and swerving drivers as if she were playing a video game. “If something blew up in the process, she’d find the most interesting shards that were left, and she’d pick them up and keep going.

Stewart avoids corny suiting; she has mastered the tuxedo without a shirt.

She wears shades and cropped T-shirts to LAX, stilettos with Mugler for a appearance, loafers and black latex pants on the red carpet at Cannes.

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  1. I tell him I’m still new here, I’m from the South, I’m a writer, everything I can think of that would make me seem Interesting and Witty. The music is only getting louder, so I’m leaning in until I’m about two inches from his ear and screaming about how much I love to write and can he tell I’m from the South because usually people can’t detect my accent.