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I was wondering if anyone could tell me if she was all white, as she looks decidely 'tanned' in some pics. ( I would have said parent, but in Europe the half or quarter breed invariably has a coloured father and rarely a coloured mother.. "There is a bit of a dramatic turn towards the end of the season that organically brings Mindy and Danny together and we'll kind of see where their relationship, how the relationship has evolved from that kind of bickering, fiery passion and into something else," he says.“It’s go-time now,” said Celtics forward Jayson Tatum. We’ve been together for about a month now, almost a month, we’ve built some chemistry. Of course this first little morceau comes courtesy of the good folks at FIBA, Team USA Basketball, and all of the NBA stars that, in true Little-Red-Hen-style wanted nothing to do with the work required to compete for the World Cup. From Sunday morning on, we should have plenty of Celtics basketball to discuss right up until, hopefully, some time next June.

According to sundial it’s 9AM, but his calendar says it’s Friday the 30th.

I’ll try to post recaps for the morning dumps whenever our schedules overlap.

And now a divagation on the time difference between here and Shanghai.

Strictly in terms of where the sun’s at in the ol’ sky, eight in the evening in Boston corresponds to roughly eight in the morning in Shanghai. The answer, surprisingly, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s consistent.

However, because we’re people and we insist on keeping track of the days on which things happen as well as the time, it’s also helpful to know what day it is in Shanghai when it’s eight in the evening in Boston. That is, we, being humans, have made a rather arbitrary decision that when it’s 8PM in Boston on Sunday, it’s 8AM in Shanghai on Monday.

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And, of course, if you lived east of the line, you could make every weekend a three day weekend by crossing the date line at on Thursday, just making sure you got back to your side by Monday morning on the 1 day side, because it would magically become Sunday morning again.

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