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A palavra "Scrotum" traduzida do inglês para o português significa escroto, que é a bolsa que envolve e protege os testículos do homem.

[] Scrotum Coffee is a coffee sold in LIDL stores in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

[] Sucks that school is more focused on teaching us the Pythagorean theorem, instead of teaching us more important life skills and offering classes on subjects we actually want to learn.

Instead of waiting until adult school/college, it should seriously start at High School. I get that we need to worry about stuff that happened in the past to not repeat it, but I'm not planning on being in a position of power where I could start a war or cause some serious trouble.

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[] She is more aggressive, less methodical, and an extrovert.

She doesn't like to be alone, and that's why she likes to use her Macbook and go to Facebook or Twitter, or play her PS4 or Xbox One when her husband isn't home.

You don't randomly put Pokemon on your team to play with a friend, you know their stats, moves, counters/uses, etc.*ahem (dandelion) ahem* [] Scrotum Coffe é um café vendido nas lojas FIDL no Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.O café é vendido em caixas que podem ser encontradas nas prateleiras das lojas.Variants are based off different types of soda like Diet, Cherry-Flavored, etc.[] I hope we get a spin-off game that has the art style of Adventures, but provides an upgrade system with fewer plants to find, since you'll be more focused on a tech 'tree' instead of grinding for a worse Three-Peater.

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He has a lot of consoles, including some of the oldest consoles like the NES or the PSX, but he just doesn't like to play them, unless if he's extremely bored.

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