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He gave his daughter a nod of reassurance that everything would be okay. come give mommy a hug."The little girl walked towards her mother and Laura held her tight in her arms on her lap.Laura took a deep breath and shakenly began to speak."F-for the past few nights I've been having nightmares of my past. Sarah rested her head on her mothers chest and closed her eyes.She didn't want him to see her like this she didn't want to be a burden."P-peter its nothing I promise. You know raising a kid, being an X-Man…."Peter squeezed his wife's hand tightly, "Laura I care about you and you know you don't have to go through it alone."Laura didn't say a word to him, she just stared out the window lost in her memories.Laura kept snapping and breaking Rice's fingers one by one.

Parker" he said with a grin his mask only covering his eyes now."you're an idiot , but your my idiot."Once Peter was in civilian clothes him and Laura sat at their usual table.

Laura smiled a tiny smile, even on the bad day her daughter never failed to put a smile on her face, even on the bad days."Hey kiddo, you hungry? She never heard the end of Peter's teasing until she popped her claws at him. Sarah smiled a toothy grin showing her mother her clean plate.

Laura was about to tell Sarah to go get dressed, but her cell phone rang. One was Peter trying to get ahold of her or second someone needed a favor.

All those times he called her an animal, or punished her sending Kimura after her stopped now.

She started cutting into his skin at his legs then drove her claws deeper and up toward his calf muscle.

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"I love you mommy." She whispered softly."I love you too kiddo." She said trying not to cry again.

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