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The Edward Snowden leaks revealed that GCHQ is tapping many of the large internet backbone cables that carry hundreds of gigabits of information from computers all over the world every second, including unencrypted Yahoo chat sessions.GCHQ’s main technical achievement was to find a way of scanning this massive amount of data and extracting the webcam images.The best option of all would be for some discussion about how we strike the balance between personal privacy and national or international security.According to the latest leaked documents, GCHQ staff have been viewing intimate images of webcam users who were not intelligence targets.Hackers have been stealing webcam images of unsuspecting users for some time.The Metasploit tool comes with packages that make it easy for even a novice hacker to gain access to the webcam of any computer that doesn’t have all of the available patches and updates installed.GCHQ’s aim was to view images from known targets (or users with screen names that were similar to known targets).It also experimented with face recognition technology to try to detect images of known suspects.

This legacy system has never supported encryption and it was this weakness that made it possible for GCHQ to harvest personal images on such a large scale.

But the leaks published by the Guardian make it clear that many of the images stored were from highly private, and in some cases sexually explicit, chats between individuals who were not intelligence targets.

The best way to protect the privacy of your webcam chats is to make sure that they are encrypted.

With the advent of several new services like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc., Yahoo Messenger saw a decline in user base eventually.

Here are some of the top alternatives to Yahoo Messenger those can be used on both Windows and Mac platform.

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more News that government intelligence agency GCHQ has been intercepting and storing webcam images from 1.8 million users of Yahoo’s chat service under the codename Optic Nerve is a reminder of how close we are to living in a surveillance state.

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